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Monday, September 16, 2019

GI Joe: A Real American Hero Vol. 22 (War) (Graphic Novel)

by Larry Hama (Author) & Ron Joseph (Illustrator)

Publisher: IDW Publishing (May 14, 2019)

Softcover, 120 pages

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Another volume of great issues from the best war comics on the market written by the unstoppable Larry Hama. Volume 22 collects issues 256 to 260 of the original series. As always it is written by the indomitable Larry Hama and dawn by Ron Joseph. who is probably one of the best artists on the series so far.
Most of the action is around the return of Dr. Venom, whose mind has emerged from the depths of the Brainwave Scanner and inhabits the body of Dr. Mindbender. For those who don't remember, Dr. Venom was one of the original Cobra villains from before the toy line kicked into high gear.
In the original Marvel series, the authors had to flesh out new characters on their own. The Baroness, Dr. Venom, & Scarface were added to the Cobra lineup.  Dr. Venom even outdates Destro in the comics. The character was killed in issue 18 by Kwinn the Eskimo- of which there is a flashback in this volume. While his return is over-the-top there are similar precedents in the GI Joe universe for characters returning from the dead using the brain-wave scanner- Storm Shadow, Dr. Mindbender himself, and - technically- Snake Eyes.
A fun fight ensues and we also see the twisted origins of Dr. Venom, whose actual name was Claude Matthais Vinim, and who turned to Cobra after a violent and troubled upbringing.  We see a Joe become maimed, a rare event. Destro starts to take down Revanche Industries- the cybernetic Blue Ninja organization- not one of my favorite plot points. But it quickly swings back to high gear with a Joe rescue of UN workers in war torn Shazidar. This plotline exhibits the G. I. Joe at its best. A small group of highly trained soldiers working against impossible odds, making due with whatever they can scavenge to complete their mission. And as always, I am left wanting much, much more.

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