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Books by Rex Hurst

Books by Rex Hurst

A force grown Gen-Human, only three months from his decanting bottle, is shanghaied by a sadistic pirate clan. Three aliens track a gleeful villain who is hell-bent on destroying his own world. A military failure on a ruined planet finds only one chance left for his personal glory. All their paths collide together in a galaxy at war. Worlds destroyed. Civilizations ruined. Cities devastated. Join them on this trek across a wounded galaxy.  

A serial killer speaks out. Collected here are the ramblings of the notorious Andrew “the Foot Doctor” Masters – the rapist and murderer who terrorized a city in the early nineties. Read in his own words how this madman recounts his life, from his violent upbringing, to his life on the streets, to his eventual rise into criminal infamy. Available on Kindle and paperback 

On an Earth rebuilding from an apocalypse, the star of the Spiff Blastandy show, the most popular drama of the day, must recover from a public scandal while simultaneously dealing with personal loss and tragedy. Even his popularity won’t save him from a beating. As the virtual world gathers to spit on everything in his life, the demons of his past rise and threaten to destroy his life. He must question everything in order to survive. 

Two stories of alien villains in a galaxy at war. The first deals with a space pirate serving a life sentence in a military prison on a bleak planet. Rather than rot away for the rest of his life, he makes one last desperate attempt to escape. The second deals with a hidden cult on a planet dedicated to pacifism. The leader of this ancient religion must do anything he can to prevent its exposure or else his family will lose everything.


My autobiographical account of a semi-long term relationship with a mentally disturbed prostitute. It was much better than this description makes it sound.

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