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Monday, September 9, 2019

The Complete "Omaha" the Cat Dancer Volume 3

by Reed Waller, Kate Worley, & James Vance  

Publisher: Eurotica (April 1, 2009)

Softcover, 126 pages

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Volume 3 collects issues 6-9 of the indie 80s comic. In this book the formula, tone, and most of the main characters of the series are set. The visual style is cemented and we are treated to an on-going soap opera of scandal, shadowy figures, relationships, mysterious reveals, and of course sex. Issue 7 should be suitably famous as it is probably the first instance of a male homosexual sex scene ever drawn for the comics.
The characters all real from the supposed suicide of Chuck’s father. Several people gain much from his will and it is revealed that Chuck’s mother was alive the whole time, but hid that from her son. Thugs are still looking for the missing negatives of the Underground nightclub debacle, which would prove embarrassing to many important politicians in Mipple City. All of this surrounds a new “purity” drive in the city, which will tear down various bars and strip clubs and renovate a large area- lots of money is at stake. So, Joanne the prostitute begins to see one of the drivers of this purity push in order to gain blackmail on him.
However, the weakest link in my opinion is the titular character of Omaha. She is a bit of a dunce. She’s a very nice person, smoking hot, but her only true genius is to get guys worked up at strip clubs. Otherwise, she just a pawn of villains, or a sex object for their henchmen. If she was supposed to be a liberated feminist icon, not ashamed of her body, they fell short. Apart from having a righteous pair of knockers and an over-active libido, there isn’t much there. A device to pass from plot point to plot point.  
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