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Monday, April 20, 2020

Imperial (Superhero)

by Steven T. Seagle (Author), Mark Dos Santos (Illustrator) 
Publisher: Image Comics (April 21, 2015)
Softcover, 144 pages

A below-average guy planning for his wedding is suddenly approached by the world’s most powerful superhero and told he is being recruited to be his successor. The guy is two weeks away from his marriage to the woman he loves and is having difficulty juggling his old and new life. Things come to a head at the rehearsal dinner and our protagonist is forced to make a difficult choice.
It’s a four issue story which could’ve been told in two issues, and it really feels padded out. The problem is we have no sense of the rest of the world. The action is solely focused on the first person main character, who doesn’t think to inform the rest of us of how the world is like, how it reacts to superheroes and super-villains, etc.. We only get a narrow look at this man, his bitchy girlfriend, and his dual life. It would’ve been fine had this been in the Marvel or DC universe where we know all of the characters, but in a new place with new heroes a lot more world building was needed. The characters weren’t interesting enough without it. We don’t even get a good background on where Imperial and his magic crown come from.

The art is excellent however. Crisp, clean, distinctive. Power and energy comes from every panel, and is far superior to the writing. It really is the only reason to read this book, especially if you ignore the script. It's only a pity more interesting locales or action could've been punched up by the story. But the artist did what he could with a boring script.
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