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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Violent: Blood Like Tar (Crime)

by Ed Brisson  (Author), Adam Gorham (Artist) 

Publisher: Image Comics (September 20, 2016)

Softcover, 120 pages

The book is listed as volume one, but this is a complete story unto itself. No further editions needed. I believe it was meant to be a series of interconnected crime stories, maybe set in the same town, or with various generations of criminals overlapping, but the series came out in 2016 and there is no sight of any other story arcs, so we must be content with the one, which is worth a look.

An ex-con and former drug addict and his junkie wife are trying hard to go straight for the sake of their daughter. But walking the straight path is easier said than done, especially when both of them are working dead-end jobs. When threatened with losing his daughter, the ex-con falls into old habits, stumbling through a string of desperate criminal acts whose repercussions quickly become deadly serious.

Well done crime novel, where you keep hoping the inevitable end doesn’t happen. However, the aftermath is a little too upbeat considering the violent road it took to get there. The junkie wife- sorry, ex-junkie who has a relapse - comes across as a little too preachy, talking down to the main character about his life, whereas she made the exact same bad decisions as he did. The art is brutal, capturing the fast-paced story in perfect form. Well worth a look.
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