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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Cycle of Fire (Superhero)

by Rik Levins  (Author)  

Publisher: Paragon Publications (1991)

Softcover, 41 pages

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A good old fashioned superhero comic. The kind, it seems, the modern "pros" have forgotten how to write - or else it would take them an extra hundred pages to get the story across. This is essentially a double sized issue packaged as a graphic novel. There is no more to the story. This is all that was ever published and that's a little sad for it was a solid story.

This obviously was meant to be the first part of a series in an expanded universe by its publisher Paragon - a victim of the comic market crash in the mid-90s. The art is one rung below Marvel or DC, but still decently drawn. The action is fluid and keeps your interest. The dialogue is good and the story moves at a decent pace. It shows how much material could be placed in a single issue.

A woman gains superpowers after accidentally getting caught in the middle of a ritual with an alien God. She reluctantly picks up the superhero mantle called Dragonfly, but spends most of her time dealing with a psychotic cyborg, who killed her predecessor.

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