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Monday, May 4, 2020

Pariah, Missouri: Answering the Call (Horror)

by Andres Salazar  (Author), JL Pescador (Illustrator)  
Publisher: Salazar Entertainment (2014)
Softcover, 112 pages

The supernatural Western has been done before, but it is still uncommon enough to be an interesting development. This book is a cut above many of its rivals due to the amazing, stylistic art and character development. It’s interesting how many of these types of stories don't bother to make interesting characters and rely on the old Clint Eastwood chestnut of the-man-with-no-name trope, the gruff barely talking man alone with a mysterious past who defeats the evil. None of that crap here.

This is the first of three books and while the story for the next is set up in this volume, a complete story is presented as well. Taking place four years before the Civil War, the boom town of Pariah is riddled with secrets. An undercover Pinkerton, recovering from a massive tragedy, arrives to investigate an underground society and runs into monsters instead, and ends up saving the town with the help of a group of social outsiders.
The town feels fully realized, with the art and water-coloring making it feel fully realized on a physical and emotional level. An excellent effort and one of the best in the genre. Well worth a look.
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