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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Wind of the Gods (Fantasy) (Graphic Novel)

by Cothias and Adamov

Publisher: Kitchen Sink Press; 1st American edition (1993). 

Hardcover, 64 pages. 

From the artist that produced TheWaters of Deadmoon - the greatest serialized story ever to appear in Heavy Metal Magazine- is Wind of the Gods. This was published during that brief period in the 90s when Heavy Metal tried to go into the graphic novel business. Like The Waters of DeadMoon, Wind of the Gods was originally written in French and was part one of a sixteen part series. The problem is that the rest of the story, and this is a very incomplete tale, was never published with an English translation.
As such, we are not left with a very satisfying story. Left on its own, all of the people with heroic intent and worthy of life are left destitute or dead, and all of the assholes in the story- and there are several- win outright. It wasn’t meant to end like that, and if you know French then you can still buy the rest of the series.

Once again we see a quickly failed graphic novel venture who tried to import the European volume style over to America. They license the product, then slap together a thin volume between two hardcovers and charge much more than they should for it. The original price for this book was $19.99. It never works. (Granted with the exception of Humanoids, but I’m willing to bet they are constantly on financial thin ice).  If an American pays that much they want an entire story. The regular comic model works because it’s relatively cheap. They should’ve published the entire story in one volume with softcover. Then at least you wouldn’t have one blogger bitching about it two decades after it was released.
As to the story, it takes place in ancient Japan at the time of samurai and Shoguns. A corrupt diaymo sends his men to deal with a rebel group and a town that cannot pay its taxes. This ends in a blood bath and an uncertain future for the men involved.

It's full of violence and sex. Loads of fun. However, it's probably not the most historically accurate story out there. Still if you want that read a history book. If you want some violent fun by one of France's premier artists then grab this book. 
For more readings, try books by Rex Hurst. 

For more readings, try books by Rex Hurst. 

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