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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero - Silent Option (War) (Graphic Novels)

by Larry Hama, Ryan Ferrier, Netho Diaz, & Kenneth Loh 

Publisher: IDW Publishing (April 30, 2019)

Softcover, 120 pages

Amazon Listing Here 

God, I hate the character of Agent Helix. If there was ever a Mary Sue injected into the G.I. Joe, it is this character. She first appeared in video game of the second G.I. Joe movie, The Rise of Cobra, which should tell you the quality of craftsmanship right there. Then she was ported into the IDW Joe verse, which was an alternative running of G.I. Joe comic, while A Real American Hero remained the original continuity, not connected with any other series. Now after the other comic tanked, they’ve decided to port Helix into the Real American Hero storyline.
The character is given a new background- troubled of course- and the Joes are sent to find her and bring her in as she shoots her way through a human trafficking ring, only to find that Firefly and the red Ninjas are also part of the organization. Bang, bang, bang, stab, stab- they are no match for Agent Helix. Why are the other Joes there? Their sole story function seems to marvel at her skill and ability and brooding nature. Even with Larry Hama writing, the story is terrible. I hope they don’t use her much in the regular series, or at all. Hopefully, this shitbag character is dropped completely.
This image is the best part of the book. So now you don't have to buy it. 

I know the term Mary Sue is dropped a lot, but I will prove Agent Helix is one through the story as presented in Silent Option. Here are the characteristics of the Mary Sue:
Personality: None beyond her abilities. Now this is common in G.I. Joe characters, but since she is good at everything she tries. It goes above and beyond with her.
Loved By All: All the other Joes just follow in her wake as she kills everything. They are all in awe and still love her even after she acts like a total cunt to them. No matter what she does, they still want her to respect them, instead of expecting the opposite.
Dark and Troubled Past: Check. She was trafficked by Eastern Europeaners and had to be tied up because she was so violent towards them, but was rescued by Snake Eyes who instantly loved her and got her back to the states.
Flaw that is No Real Flaw: She has problems connecting with others because of her dark and troubled past and doesn’t like to be touched. But that just means the others have to try harder.
Skill Without Trying: Her adopted mother was an MMA champion who taught her to fight and her adopted father was in special forces who taught her to shoot at a young age. Again this is not unusual for a G.I. Joe character, but they also added in that she possesses some kind of “photographic reflexes” like the Taskmaster, so she just has to see someone doing something once in order to copy it perfectly. Thus she doesn’t really need to train more than once to do something perfectly.

As you can see the character doesn’t fit into a team series like G.I. Joe as she can just do it all herself, and with no character development she becomes boring after her fiftieth kill. The only good parts of this book are when she isn’t in it. But as the point of this series is to prop Agent Helix up, all the characters can do is talk about her and wonder at her skill. Ugh.

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