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Monday, May 20, 2019

A Handful of Smoke (Poetry)

by Jim Hart   

Independently Published

Softcover, 66 pages


“Amerika the beautiful
the fallen angel
the fixed beauty pageant winner
the homemade beauty blue ribbon housewife
with the West Point cadet
the back alley mugger
for your neighbor’s sixteen-year-old virgin
blonde skinned woman
of his rapist
the November honest politician
who got your vote
and had a numbered Swiss
come January
the technological minds
dealing US only
disposable lighters
blow-out ties and all the rest of the imitation shit
we feed on “

                              Jim Hart “Changing Neighborhoods.


An excellent collection of hard boiled poetry from one of the urban masters of the art. The capture an excellent array of emotions from the gutters of New York, from the very hopelessly hopeful to the cynical annihilation of all life and intelligence.
The titular smoke in this case includes a full range of activities - from the falling of the twin towers, to a random gunshot in an alleyway, to a burning house, to an upscale flambĂ©, to a pot roast left too long in the oven. Like the smoke, each poem cascades over the others to create a mosaic of rain streaked cynicism swirling around the Big Apple. 
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