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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Lady Killer (Crime) (Graphic Novels)

by Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich 

Publisher: Dark Horse Books (September 15, 2015)

Softcover, 136 pages

This won’t be a long entry as there isn’t much to say on this graphic novel about a housewife that moonlights as a paid assassin. Or is she a paid assassin who is masquerading as a housewife? Therein lies the mystery. That was it. Pretty much the entire story in two sentences. As I was perusing the story arc, I realized that I had read it before. Well, not exactly it, but a damned close approximation. Warren Ellis’s Red comes to mind.

All kudos need to go to the art work, which is superb. Every line is done to perfection, with mid-20th century (when the story takes place) color saturation in style and panache. It faultlessly captured the mythos of the early 60s. Every page brings a new visual gift to gaze over, whether that be in fashion or in a well-paced fight scene. These visuals are the only reason to read the book. In fact it might be better to ignore the word bubbles and substitute your own more original tale to go with the graphics.

In comics there is a long tradition of a protagonist leading two separate lives, but this tends to stretch the limit of belief of the main character, Josie, being a cold-hearted killer and loving mother of two. But that is beside the point, the man action lies in her trying to pull away from her old life and become a full time mom. So, the unidentified “assassin company” decides to terminate her. All of this comes across like a retro-update of La Femme Nikita- which I recommend people watch instead of reading this comic.

However a sequel to this book has been published for those who are interested. Unless I get it a very cheap price, I won’t be reviewing it.

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