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Monday, November 25, 2019

Insiders: The Red Prince (Action) (Graphic Novel)

by Jean-Claude Bartoll (Author), Renaud Garreta (Artist) 

Publisher: Cinebook, Ltd (June 5, 2018)

Softcover, 59 pages

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This is a series of graphic novels that are easily defined as action thrillers. A Chechen terrorist is recruited by the CIA to infiltrate a cabal of industrialists who secretly finance the destabilization of areas in order to profit from the exploitation of that area’s resources. The insider rises to the top of the food chain in a series of violent confrontations and explosions. Does she complete her mission by the CIA or does she join the enemy?
Despite the bouts of violence, this is an intelligent work, rich in political and economic motives for its antagonists. None of the villains are “just evil”, they all have rational motivation, i.e. intense greed. The art well done with attention paid to realistic equipment, weapons, and machinery. But you have to pay attention to the plot and dialogue or you might be easily lost.

       Sam Nachez, boss of bosses of the global mafia, and the man that Najah is both supposed to protect and betray to the authorities, is on the run after a coup by one of his rivals. Hunted by killers from the Russian, Chinese and American intelligence services, the two of them are rapidly running out of allies. Will Najah be able to reconcile her various loyalties? In order to survive, she will have to take the biggest gamble of her life...
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