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Monday, October 19, 2020

Flesh Wounds (Erotica)


By Franz Henkel & Myke Maldonado

Publisher: Heavy Metal Magazine (November 1, 1997)

Hard Cover, 70 pages

Heavy Metal website. 

Another gem I pulled down from the Heavy Metal website at a fraction of what the second-hand rip-off merchants are trying to peddle it for. $50? Ridiculous. Get it for less than ten. Not only is that possible, but it’s really all the story is worth. I’m not saying it’s a bad story, there's simply not much to it. The eroticism of the content, which would’ve set me ablaze as a youngster, now it all seems a lot sillier in my old age.

Essentially this story is 50 Shades of Grey before the book even existed. In this tale we have Amanda, a pathetic shell of a person who is being dominated sexually by her lover, Karl, who can’t ejaculate unless he has his lover trussed up in a BDSM harness. Amanda becomes interested in tattoos and then genital piercings, joining the late 90s subculture - which I assume still exists. Karl’s sister shows up, whom Karl had raped in the past, and seems sexually twisted towards Amanda. Who knows what’s really going on there. Sex and violence ensues - as if you couldn’t tell.

I have a bad habit of treating characters in stories like this as one would a normal tale, rather than pornographic one, so I kept looking for motivation and all I saw was a pathetic creature, trying to please the biggest jerk in the world. But then sexuality is the purpose of the volume, so it achieves its end. It is beautifully drawn and well executed. If you want the equivalent of 50 Shades in graphic novel form, then grab this volume.

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