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Monday, October 5, 2020

Hard Story (Crime)


By Horacio Altuna & Jorge Gonzalez

Publisher : Heavy Metal Magazine (June 1, 2006)

Hardcover, 46 pages

Heavy Metal Website

A fun hardcover book that I bought off the Heavy Metal website. This book is listed at $70 - last time I checked- on Amazon, hence the different link to Heavy Metal, where I bought it on sale for $4.99. Normal price is 12.99 - which I found a little pricey for 48 pages, even if it is hardcover. This tome was originally published in Spanish, in Columbia, South America and eventually migrated north. 

Printed in black-and-white, it is a twisted neo-noir love story between a pimp and his fresh new prostitute. Reminiscent of a Greek love tragedy, the pimp is so overwhelmed by his emotions and the absolute purity radiating off his new woman, that he is rendered impotent and cannot sexually dominate her. He then grows insanely jealous of her johns who “violate” her and ends up stalking them and enacting revenge.

I know a lot of people prefer color in their comics, but to do so with this art would be near sacrilegious. It was made to play with shadows and cascade a gloominess on every panel. Unlike many books, the art perfectly reflects and enhances the tone of the story. It is beautiful, grotesque, abnormal, and wonderful to behold. Especially at the low, low price of $4.99.

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